David Bromberg Band

Can you provide the DBB set-list from the Glenside PA show? lmurov@gmail.com


David Bromberg Band responded on 03/28/2011

we never have a set list but here are some tunes
We started with “Sloppy Drunk”, the next song is usually a blues, we might have played “As the Years Go Passing By. I think that we played “Girl for Every Day of the Week” next. We played “Dark Holler”, “Over the Rainbow”, and a medley of fiddle tunes that started with “Whiskey Before Breakfast” and included ” Bill Cheatem,” possibly others ending with “Turkey in the Straw” on 3 guitars, Mitch, me & Mark Cosgrove sitting in on guitar #3 with Nate playing fiddle. The tune that the girls sing in audience is “Drown in My Own Tears”. We may have done “’Lectric Chair” I think that we closed with “Helpless Blues”. I think we did “Tongue” and “Diamond Lil” as encores. I’m sure of Diamond Lil. I might have done “Wild About My Lovin” in the set. It’s hard to remember which night I did what.

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