David Bromberg Band

I was playing a bootleg CD of David performing at Navy Pier in Chicago in the 80's. I had it on for our 5 yr old grandson, who loves to cook with us and we always have music in the background. He's a big Chuck Berry fan, and now we're introducing him to Bromberg music.

We've been fans since the 70's and have seen David in Chicago from the Mount Prospect Summerfest, to the Steve Goodman tribute at the Auditorium.

I just thought he'd like to know that there are three generations of music lovers here that enjoy his work.

I was just wondering about Big John Firmin, too. Sorry to hear he's unable to travel.

David Bromberg Band responded on 08/13/2018

Hi and thanks for your note. 5 years sounds like the youngest Bromberg fan we know of. Thanks for keeping the faith. John is doing well, just physically unable to travel. Best wishes!

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