David Bromberg Band

I would like to book David and his band, for a special concert in Oswego, NY, a college town where I've seen David many times stretching back to a 1976 concert he did with Paul Siebel, at the Old City Hall on the Oswego river in Oswego center! I would like, first of all, to see whether he would be interested in playing that venue again, with his band, how much the cost would be for he and his full band, and whether he would be available at the end of the summer, or there about. The dates are not that important, but I would like to know if he is interested! Chris Wood
you can reachme at christopherbryanwood@gmail.com Thanks

David Bromberg Band responded on 03/27/2019

Hi Chris, we'd be open to that idea, definitely. Please get in touch with our booking agent, Seth Rappaport, at srappaport@apa-agency.com

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