David Bromberg Band

More of an FYI. Had a stroke in '06 complete with 'global amnesia'...couldn't remember wife's name, where I lived, stuff like that. (Not how to drive or play the fiddle....God's infinite wisdom?). Sifting through boxes of 'those junky records no one ever listens to anymore' found "Out of the Blues". Dropped the needle and stuff started comin' back...Melissa, Littleton,CO., 3.1415926, Johns Hopkins...Back to work teaching Anatomy & Physiology to pre-med students. I basically keep this to myself (Mel knows, obviously). YOUR music the key to my cognitive memory. I would have thought Eagles or Joe Walsh, but you're all part of it, I suppose. Have a great weekend. WD

David Bromberg Band responded on 09/15/2017

Thank you for this!

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