David Bromberg Band

Marty Gallanter again. Accidentally hit the send button too soon. Over the years I thought about the performances and the fun we had on the road when we were all younger. I ran into your brother Charney one day in New York city but when I ran into him I didn't know he was your brother. At the end of our little discussion I asked him and he told me how Sharon was his family. A few years ago I was working at a performance Center when the LA Guitar whatever csmebto town. Had dinner with them after show. Asked if they'd heard.of David Bromberg. And the reaction was like you were a God to them. It was fun to say that you were once my friend. Hope you are having a good time doing what you're doing and I wish you much success.

David Bromberg Band responded on 08/12/2017

Thank you, Marty! David said that, to this day, Sharon is still the most outrageous dancer he's ever seen, haha.

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