David Bromberg Band

Hi David,

Would you be as kind as to you tell us a little about the history of your white Telecaster with the humbucker in the neck position?

Saw you back in 1981/2-ish when I was in high school at the Bottom Line in NYC; I've seen many great artists over the years, and that remains one of the best shows I have ever see!

Brian S.

David Bromberg Band responded on 08/12/2017

Thanks, Brian! The July 2017 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine has a nice close up of David's Esquire (not actually a Telecaster). They asked him about it, and here was his response:

Q: Is the Fender Esquire the same one shown on your 70's albums?

A: Yes. I kept that '58/'59 Esquire maybe because I didn't think it was worth a lot. But I know now that I'll die owning that guitar, that's for sure. It has MY sound and no other guitar does and when other people play it, it doesn't sound the same... I used it on albums through the 70's. I used to play it more on the humbucker, but these days I play it more on the back pickup, which is a Velvet Hammer made by Red Rhodes.

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