David Bromberg Band

Okay, look: I really, really wanted to find some evidence that Angel Band no longer "sings with the angels," professionally speaking, and has come back to life.

Failing that, is there any chance any of what you're doing in the middle of the summer will be in any tiny way Angel Band-y?

One year, we landed at La Guardia late, or would have rented a car to drive an hour or two north, in hopes of catching the second Angel Band set. Had to settle for Natalie Dessay at the Met, the next night.

Year or two later, driving from Texas to Pittsburgh, we intended to swing through MA, to catch an Angel Band show. Our car didn't have pontoons, and the road had monsoons, so we had to give up.

Then, the band gave up.

I'm working on this summer's road trip, and MI is a definite destination -- but by mid-August, my navigator has to be back in the classroom, so the whole time and place equation is out of whack again.

Unless we manage to wander through MD or PA on the right day.

David Bromberg Band responded on 08/12/2017

Everyone once in a great while, Nancy brings together her band, Honey Child, to support David's Big Band. Unfortunately, the Big Band pretty much sticks to the Northeast PA part of the country, because it's not very portable. The last time we did this was at Bromberg's Big Noise Festival in Wilmington last May, and then at The Hamilton in D.C. the following day. It's pretty rare. Some of the former Angel Band members (Josh and Nate) play in The Quintet now, and the singers (Nancy, Kathleen, and now Natalee) back up the Big Band.

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