David Bromberg Band

I was at David's 1st solo concert (Washington Square Church, April 1970) while I was at NYU. I took some friends along and sat near the front with a cassette recorder on my lap - I now have the concert on iTunes (limitations of cassette tape meant the last verse of Bullfrog blues is missing - how sad is that?). I saw that David was doing a tour @70 (just months younger than me) so I have arranged a trip from Scotland especially to see him at Norfolk in October - would it be possible to meet the big man & shake his hand? I could hand over mp3 files of that memorable concert (Steve Burgh, Jody Stecher joined in) though the sound quality is a little dodgy.

David Bromberg Band responded on 08/25/2015

Hi David...how can I refuse. Please email me 2 weeks before the show to arrange. Best
Mark McKenna

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