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Recently lost my store of old cassette tapes, including a bunch of the Bromberg Band in concert during the late 70s and early 80s, up to the farewell shows he did before going off to make violins. Mostly radio broadcasts, which were fairly common at the time (on the old WLIR NY). I'm crushed -- why oh why did I not digitalize them when I could have? Anyway, any chance of David issuing some of those old shows for the fanbase? What about live material that didn't make it onto How Late'll Ya Play Til or You Should See the Rest of the Band? I imagine it might be difficult/expensive to get the rights, but there would surely be plenty of demand! Still see David whenever I can, and snap up everything he releases (Only Slightly Mad is terrific!) but there's a special place in my heart for the man and the band of that time and it would be fantastic to have more of that music available. May we hope?

David Bromberg Band responded on 02/12/2014

hi Dan
Believe it or not we are working on that project right now. It's time intensive but expect to see some output by early spring.
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