David Bromberg Band

I missed your show and it KILLS ME! I had midterms and finals and all that nasty red-tape to deal with. Please tell me you'll be hitting the midwest again soon. Minneapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, anything in that part of the country and I will be there, me and me pop's (y'know, like my dad... you know the jive) ... This is a matter of nostalgia at stake! A stronger bond between my father and I may not exist outside Bromberg "Demon in Disguise". By the way, your "Bojangles" is infinitely better than anything Jerry Jeff could do with it, regardless of what horrible things you may have done to it together on tour back in the day. I could never get sick of it either, although you may have by now, I suppose. Don't leave me hangin'! (pleassse?

David Bromberg Band responded on 02/06/2014

Thanks we'll definitely be back in the mid west in 2014.....check www.davidbromberg.net often.

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