David Bromberg Band

Been a fan since I was in college in the 1970s and I am finally going to see you at the Ark in Ann Arbor. I was hoping to be able to video record the Ark concert. I will not distribute it any way but play it in my home and send you a copy. Thanks for 40 years of music. My son is the same age I was when my brother help me discover your great musical talent. Looking forward to this Friday for the last five months.. Thanks jim

David Bromberg Band responded on 10/07/2013

Hi Jim
David does not answer these but we try to do our best for him. We want you to enjoy the Ann Arbor show fully but we can't allow people to videotape shows. If you pull out a small hand held cam it is likely that no one will stop you, but we can't give permission in advance.
Thanks for your support,
Mark McKenna/manager, DB

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